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PACE offers comprehensive turnkey solutions in Power, Automation, and Communication tailored for the Petro-Chemical and Energy sectors, covering both onshore and offshore projects. Our diverse range of services ensures seamless integration and optimized performance, meeting the unique needs and challenges of each project. With a proven track record of excellence, PACE delivers reliable solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in the industry.

Oil & Gas


PACE engineers & provide cutting edge solutions to facilitate absolute safety and efficiency required in oil and gas exploration, production and transportation. We cater a comprehensive range of integrated end-to-end solutions, products and services like PIMS, Wave Alert System, Surge protection, leak detect & assessment system, SCADA, PCS to the industry thus enhancing the profitability of the business and safety of the workers. Our wideband solutions help implement partial and full automation of daily operations and de-manning of remote areas.


Power, Water and Desalination


In this age, when every organization is trying to go green, PACE stands a step ahead. Not only our projects and operations have a minimal carbon foot print, we empower & enable our clients to go green.


For greener power generation, we offer efficient solar panels and power generators. Our safe and reliable power transmission and distribution solutions including optical transport network (OTN), point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave radio, GSM, UMTS, 4G LTE, PMR, LAN/WAN, FTTH and IP/MPLS, backed by our sophisticated network monitoring and management and network security solutions, are essential elements to the automation of smart grids for energy sustainability.



On top of our design & engineering specialization, PACE has a specialized team of maintenance engineers & technicians which cater to the petrochemical industry. This enables us to assist these plants in achieving their sustainability targets and reduce their costs by providing reliable preventive & corrective maintenance. These SLAs are of coarse signed after delivering state of the art Power, Automation and communication systems to the client.

Mining & Extraction


Perhaps one of the oldest industries in the world, Mining is also served by us in our areas of expertise. Be it an open pit mine or underground, our engineered telecom & automation systems not only support the operations of the mines, but also ensure the safety of workforce in such hazardous conditions.



According to economists, prosperity follows infrastructure. And today’s robust and complicated infrastructure requires reliable communication backbone and automation systems. Our veteran engineers have a number of mega projects like rail terminals, industrial harbors and control tower communication systems under their belts, and this experience helps us in continued provision of excellence when it comes to safety & security of millions on wheels or wings.



Human race has always preferred to stay together in groups, socialize and interact together. The Romans had colosseum and we have malls, entertainment complexes & health centres etc.

We at PACE, design, engineer, deliver & install a number of state of the art power, communication & safety systems to the commercial industry which are not only mandatory by the relevant government organizations but also increase consumers/visitors’ trust and feeling of being safe in these complexes.

The turnkey services provided by PACE include consultancy services, design, engineering, project management, procurement, system integration, installation, commissioning and after-sales services. With a highly experienced multi-national and multi-lingual engineering team, our engineering philosophy is to provide high integrity solutions using the latest proven technologies which perfectly fit the client’s needs & requirements.


Working closely with a wide range of leading manufacturers products we develop in house custom integrated solutions incorporating a wide range of systems to meet the specific turn-key requirements for projects in the most demanding operational environments.


Our scope of supply covers a wide spectrum of the Power, Automation & telecommunications systems and solutions that focuses on the unique requirements of each individual client and project specification. With our employs’ extensive experience in completing a comprehensive number of diverse projects worldwide we have the know-how and technical expertise to develop technical solutions to realize a truly integrated network solutions.

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