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About Us

PACE Arabia is essentially an EPC company with its principle office in Al-Khobar and its branch in the USA. The organization serves as the EPC & Systems Integration arm of a well reputed company, STACO which is catering to O&G, P&W, Mining & infrastructure sectors.


PACE is working to specifically meet the needs of the Oil & Gas, Power & Utility, Transportation, Education & Hospitality sectors in the provision of turnkey Power, Automation, Telecommunications & security systems and network integrated solutions. As specialists in these disciplines it purely focus on the demanding nature of its clientele, and fully understand the complex technical requirements of major projects and provide tried and tested effective solutions accordingly.

“Why PACE?”


PACE is the brainchild of a group of professionals with vast experience in System Design, Engineering, System Integration, Project Management & Commissioning in multi-million dollars project all over the world. PACE is basically a pool of individuals who have excelled in their respective fields and PACE is a collaboration, a joint effort of these individuals to form an organization, a platform which imparts perfection and deliver on its commitments. That is the motto of PACE: We Say… We Do…! Powered by its passion towards engineering and its vision to grow, PACE is on the brink of penetrating a lucrative market in a rapidly growing industry.



Vision is the art of seeing the invisible!

We are born to make difference in the world and achieve great heights that can be pursued only with passion and dedication. Our passion is our fuel to achieve goals and set new milestones for  our clients. Our experienced core team not only commit to make things happen with their skills but also enhances the expected results with their creativity.


Our Vision in a nutshell is;


                                          “To become the standard-bearer of engineering solutions”



We dream big and have capabilities of achieving it with our dedication, focus, hard work and team efforts. Our mission is not only to fulfill clients requirement and customer satisfaction but also to add  value. We have accelerated people's team with mission to deliver nothing but the best. We are confident and believe that we can be unique entity in industrial market. PACE objective is to achieve best out of

breed with optimal solutions. WE SAY… WE DO…


Our mission in a nutshell is;


                                        "To be the premium provider of sustainable engineering solutions in

                                                Power, Automation, Telecommunication & Security Industry”

Core Values


Our core values are based on our experiences of the O&G, P&W, mining, infrastructure & hospitality sectors and the simple rule that “Customer/Client is always right”.

At PACE, we have a set of beliefs which not only define what we are, but also keeps us motivated. These beliefs are;

  • Belief of having mutual respect between all parties

  • Belief of being a good steward of resources and in exercising frugality

  • Belief that client is of fundamental importance

  • Belief that honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned thru “sustainable” hard work

  • Belief that maintaining a healthy work environment is conducive for reaching the common goals

As a specialist EPC & Systems Integrator, PACE has employed a team of dedicated specialized professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience to meet the most demanding and sophisticated nature of high-end mega projects in the petro-chemical and energy sectors.


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